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professor elevator company

we are an export company with high level of  technical engineering, at which we prioritize technical details and quality control. 
our main distribution channel is to Slovakia, where we deliver around 150 units per year. 
we are expert on complete elevator projects. for these projects, we cooperate with such leading companies in the elevator market as Wittur, Ziehl-Abegg, Drako, ETN etc. 
we have experience with 3,2m/s high-speed elevators as well.
we are still a young company (started in 2018), but we have extensive experience and most importantly a positive attitude towards customers, besides our strong after-sales service. 
we’ve developed our own quality control system, and we require the same quality assurance from each supplier; therefore, if you are looking for not only better price but also better service and quality, we are the right choice for you.

yeterlift company

professor elevator is the exclusive export distributor of yeterlift company, which was established in İstanbul, Turkey in 1998. yeterlift produces cabins, cabin&cwt&machine frames, automatic doors and semi-automatic doors. it has a production factory area of 4,000 m². the production capacity is;

  • 1,700 cabins/year

  • 12,000 semi-automatic doors/year

  • 14,500 automatic doors/year

the machine list in the factory is as follows;

3 pieces CNC laser machines
5 pieces CNC press bending machines
4 pieces eccentric press machines
1 piece guillotine scissor machine

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